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Do You Want To Protect Your Hands? We Can Help You!

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Protecting Your Hands Anywhere

For each of us, the hands are ordinary but indispensable part of our body, and they are our friend. They allow us to touch the world better. Because of its ordinariness, people often ignore the protection of it, making it rough and cracked. But the hands are so important to us, so we should protect them better. We hope that everyone can raise their awareness of protecting their hands and hope that we can do something for this. The protection of our hands shouldn’t be only available in labor time but can be truly rooted in our consciousness, so that gloves are not only an accessory but become an indispensable part of life truly. So we build DZH GLOVES COMPANY to do this thing.

DZH GLOVES has abundant producing experience as a leader in the field of various gloves. Our assortment of offerings includes working gloves, sports gloves, and fashion gloves that are made from the highest quality materials available to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and style.

When you are welding, we are on your side.
When you are fixing, we are in your side.
When you are cutting something, we are on your side.
When you are doing the experiment, we are on your side.
When you are fitting, we are on your side.
When you are cycling, we are on your side.
When you are riding, we are on your side.
When you are in snow, we are on your side.
When you …..
Whatever you are doing, wish we are on your side.

Meanwhile, we are so sensitive about the excellence and grace of our products. The entirety of the service cannot exist without a sound quality management system in this cutthroat competitive era. Quality is first for us! Challenging growing standards in this high tech world is considered the hallmark for quality products. We are ascertained that success can be only achieved by adopting global changes. We are so devoted to the quality and its enhancement.

DZH GLOVES is a flexible and dynamic company, is divided in different team, expertise in different categories; we develop a good understanding of areas of production and we know how to avoid mistakes in the production. We listen to our customers and will choose the best solution for each different job. Our strength is able to understand and follow the requirement of our customers and open window on what is really going on their orders.

We assure you our best cordial cooperation, if you will open a window of opportunity to serve you in this regard, we can prove our assertion that we are insisting upon.

Anticipating your positive response.

Meet Our Team

DZH GLOVES is divided into different departments. Every part does its own role and cooperates with each other. To ensure to provide the high-quality products and services.

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